Two days ago, I saw a pair of pure titanium eyeglasses frame on an online glasses store when I searched the Internet after work. I just wanted to make inquiry with the service personnel, one of my colleagues came around to my house. We had a talk at home and then went out to see a film together. Though I did not know more about the glasses that night, I was still planning to find time to gain a better knowledge of the glasses to check whether it was suitable for my husband. Yesterday, I passed by an optical store in the downtown area. I regarded it as a good chance to make a comparison. So I went into the store and the shop assistant seemed very enthusiastic who gave me a big smile. She was very nice and came towards me directly to ask me about my requirements on glasses. I told her that I wanted to buy a new pair of glasses for my husband and I was looking for a right one to match him greatly. She was ready to offer help and introduced several types of glasses for me to choose from. After listening to her recommendation, I really thought the glasses were excellent while the prices were too high. I still decided to have a close look at that glasses frame on the site.

I did not feel sure whether I chose the glasses online just because it was much cheaper but I did not deny the charm of reasonable prices. I also took it as a major reason to explain the growing popularity of online shopping among general consumers. I was really happy to find that store because besides that titanium eyeglasses frame, there were many other styles designed for different people with different needs. The frame took my fancy with its latest trendy style and fashionable design. I was fully aware of my husband’s taste and I was sure that it was his favorite style, simple but elegant.

I advised my husband to have a look at the site of ¬†on his own and he should make his own decision about which type of eyeglasses frame he wanted to buy. To my great joy, he agreed with my choice and even spoke highly of the frame. The good quality and low price really made it become so many people’s first choice.

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