Next week will be seeing the third anniversary of the marriage of my husband and me. I love my husband and people often say that we are a perfect march for each other, and even the fact that both of us are neat-sighted further proves that point. My husband has been working hard to support the family and at the same time he has always been looking after me thoughtfully. So I wanted to take this opportunity to buy a gift for him and myself with some special significance. As I was thinking hard about what to buy, one of my collogues advised that since both of us had a poor sight, why not buy two pairs of glasses that also marched each other in color, design and so on. Then when we wore them together, we would look more of a sweet couple.

That sounded a perfect idea. However, as I had my job and had the children to look after, I couldn’t spare much time walk from store to store to do the careful selecting. At a friend’s recommendation I decided to buy the glasses online. First I tried to find a glasses store on the Internet that sold best and had a relatively high reputation, and luckily I found the one easily. And then I began to look though those pictures of men’s and women’s glasses, trying to decide which type would suit my husband and me. Then I chose a pair of men’s and a pair of women’s glasses whose frames were golden and bright yellow respectively and their designs were quite similar and marched each other. I read carefully the introduction of the specifications of those glasses and found them suitable for us. I contacted the sales representative and asked about the delivery. He was so kind and enthusiastic as to promise to deliver the glasses immediately since I was in a hurry and offer to wrap them in an exquisite way.

I have received the two pairs of glasses and I was exceedingly satisfied with their quality. So why don’t you try this online glasses store if you going to buy some glasses. It will make you pleased. The site is

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